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One to Many Campaign E-mail

Create powerful e-messaging campaigns that connect you to people and convert your vision into amazing results.

Our Campaign Email and SMS solution is a complete and highly economical solution.  Upload your entire database in seconds, identify any data issues, segment your lists, create compelling messages from your templates and confidently send messages through even the most challenging environments. Use our reports and ROI calculator to see exactly how effective each campaign has been.

Thanks to the cloud, no software installation is required. Just log on to create and send stunning campaigns. We have excellent video tutorials and a friendly support team to help you at every step along the way.

Check out the extended features below and give it a whirl with your free, no obligation trial!

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ICON DesignStunningEmails
Design beautiful emails

You don't have to be an award-winning designer or HTML expert to create eye-catching emails.
We'll give you everything you need to create emails that look great.

ICON Newsletter
Create compelling newsletters

Engage your audience with beautiful newsletters that can be automatically tailored to the individual reader. Start with one of our email newsletter templates or design your own.

ICON Reporting

Powerful reporting will help you analyse the reading behaviour of your audience. That way, you will know how well your campaign is performing. Our reports contain information on opens, click through rates, bounces and unsubscribers.

ICON ManageYourContacts
Contact Management

Behind every successful e-messaging campaign is a well-kept database equipped with tools to help you grow. We've created software that helps you cast your net over a wider audience, generate leads and connect easily with the people you already know.

ICON ManageEvents
Manage Events with ease

Set up an event registration system and take the hassle out of organising an event. Create and send invitations, collect RSVP's and send timely event reminders.

ICON Surveys

Whether you want to run a quick poll, a short questionnaire or a detailed survey you can use the system to collect and collate information for you.

ICON SocialMedia
Social Media

Using Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and other social media to promote your business is easier than ever before. You can connect to social media in your emails and publish your messages onto multiple social media sites. S`ave time by synchronising your email and social media marketing.

ICON Automation

Let the system do the work for you and send messages that are both timely and relevant. Automatically send an email or SMS to someone at a certain time or depending on an action they take.

ICON SecurityPrivacy
Security, Privacy & Delivery

We have a dedicated team and advanced technologies protecting your privacy every second of every day. And just for good measure we're also CAN_SPAM compliant. Because our product is so well optomised you will benefit from improved email delivery accross all your email platforms.

ICON 350Templates
300+ templates

Choose from hundreds of templates for any occasion - newsletter, disclosure, staff update, survey, sales, the list goes on!  Alternatively save your own templates for future use.

ICON WebForms

Using webforms to capture new contacts is one of the easiest ways to increase your customer numbers. Easily create and customise forms for every occasion including email newsletter subscriptions, product enquiries, event registrations, surveys and even customer profile updates.

ICON ConditionalContent
Conditional Content

Imagine being able to create one email that speaks to contacts individually. Conditional Content allows you to set rules to display different content within your email based on the recipient's profile.

ICON CorporateAccounts
Corporate Accounts

Centralise and control the email marketing activities of your entire organisation.
Allow regional offices or departments to have some control of their local marketing or execute the entire strategy from one location.

ICON CAN-SpamStandard
No Long Term Contracts

Try One-to-Many as a trial to see if you like us. If you do join with us and  later decide to leave  just one month's notice as we invoice monthly in 'arrears'.

ICON IndividualSeatBasedPricing
Simple Monthly Pricing

One-to-Many is priced on a simple formula.

  • A one off access (service) fee based on the peak size of your database over a month period

  • Monthly email traffic - at rate card

Note this doesnt include automation and corporate account features.