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Email & More..

More than emaill - LiveLink offers a full kit of integrated solutions that meet all of your digital messaging requirements. Simple, reliable and economical.




One-to-One. Email for Sales

Cut through inbox clutter with our intelligent branded and tracked employee email. Real time tracking gives every sender valuable information to guide customer - or prospect follow up.





Send mobile campaigns from the 'One-to-Many' platform or use our SMS Integrator to send individual SMS messages directly from your CRM system.




One-to-Many Campaign emails

Easily create and send beautiful campaign emails. With rich reporting and integrated SMS, Survey, Events and Social Media you can now leverage every opportunity to improve business.



One-to-One Employee Email


One-to-Many Campaign Email


Its all about engagement and response.
Benefit from the simplicity of the very latest e-messaging platform. Now you can 'create and send' pitch perfect e-messaging campaigns, send SMS, create surveys, web forms and organise events.

Some of Our Clients

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"Livelink has been a great sales tool because it enables real time engagement based on knowing when a message has gotten through so that you know when to get on the phone.  In terms of following up prospects, we can do this with the knowledge that our communication has been received and read, making for a more efficient and effective sales process.  And on top of this, it allows us to personalise and customise our branded emails which make for a better customer experience".  Liz Wotherspoon, Director ICE Bridge.